Why Every Couple Needs to Get a Way

CuddleImagine the two of you just as the sun begins to set, the only ones left on the beach because the tropical breezes have picked

up and it’s growing dark. You cuddle together to stay warm on your oversized lounge chair, watching the moon rise as it casts a long streak of light on the sea. You wonder why it took so long to plan this getaway. Planning a vacation with romance at its heart can be beneficial to almost any couple. These trips can help relationships that need some nourishment, and even those that don’t, because even the best relationships can use a little magic. The craving for special time together can come at all stages of a relationship. Sometimes you need that magic to show the person you have fallen in love with how amazing life can be together. You take her to Paris to propose— or you make your first vacation as a couple to the place he’s wanted to go all his life. You want a setting that allows you and your new partner to see each other as special. You want the place, the food, the music— even the air you breathe and the sight of the sun rising or setting— to make your hearts stir and your attraction grow and deepen.


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