Traits of a Good Marriage

Traits of a Good Marriage

HoneymoonWe all have our ideas of what makes our marriage work. There are some traits that we can all embrace and make what is good even better. Make it beautiful!

Communication -talk it out. Listen to the ideas and opinions of yours spouse. You may not think of everything.

Respect -Everyone’s opinion counts. Embrace the ideas and thoughts of your mate. Every idea can be good if it is used the right way and at the right time. Love is a choice.

Dates – always date one another. Isn’t that the way it started? It keeps you in a space of all your own. That’s where you were smiling the most.

Laughing – Keep each other laughing. Think back on the fun things that you used to do. It feels good, it lightens the moment and it makes for a healthier relationship.

Worship – worshipping together is so important. It helps to keep you grounded. Your spiritual walk guides you and will put your marriage in a position of contentment.

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