The Great Wall

Built to keep the northern barbarians out of the Middle Kingdom, the  Great Wall is a true wonder of the world which has been viewed by millions of people.  Views of the Great Wall, which extends more than 4,000 miles across northern China, has been a journey that is captivating for its beauty and history from the east coast to the Gobi Desert.

Some 38 miles northwest of downtown Beijing, Badaling is the main point of access to the Wall, and attracts an avalanche of visitors.  You will be rewarded with breathtaking views from the vantage points, where the mighty barrier climbs and descends across a fascinating mountain landscape.

The majority of tourists visit Badaling as part of a tour, often taking in the Ming Tombs en route and sometimes also stopping at Juyongguan Fortress, built to guard the narrow 13-mile long valley, and Beijing against invading armies from the north. The Wall climbs steeply on both sides from the fortress.

There are several other accessible sites offering a more authentic Great Wall experience.

As we continue to embrace the wonders of world history, The Great Wall is among the top ventures that keep us curious.

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