The Ease of a Listening Ear

The Ease of a Listening Ear

Have you noticed how you think you’re listening to your spouse and moments later you realize you weren’t listening at all? What is it, your favorite TV program is on, a book you’re reading is too good to put down, or just not paying attention, not focused? ReallyCouple on Beach just don’t want to hear it.

To pay attention and hear what is being said makes life so much easier down the road. You get it right the first time and not the forth time trying to remember what you think you’ve heard.

In a McKinsy Quarterly article, Ferrari writes the 3 good listening skills are 1. Be Respectful, 2. Talk less than you listen, and 3. Challenge Assumptions – “Good listeners seek to understand—and challenge—the assumptions that lie below the surface of every conversation.”

Giving ease to a listening ear can get you back to what you were doing so much quicker. It really doesn’t take that much time to engage in the conversation and move on.

As a matter of fact, it could lead to happier memories. Be a good listener – it will help!

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