Still In Love-What’s That?

Still In Love – What’s That?



What’s that? You know, when you got married you were head over hills in love with your spouse. There was nothing that could separate you. Every wakening hour your thoughts were on them. Every time you thought about that loved one you could not help but to smile, with a big grin, just happy in love.

You got married, the job got busier, the kids came along and then there was ballet, soccer, baseball, roller-skating. Well you get the picture. Life got busy and the spouse had to move aside. At this point you are simply tired at the end of the day. Only to get to bed by 11 or 12p and start the day over looking just like yesterday, just the calendar called it another day.

This is why it is so important to make sure your spouse is on the “To Do” list, also. Not that your spouse is forgotten but to purposefully spend quality time together. It’s the quality of time spent that keeps the love going. It also keeps the smiles in place. You will even find yourself falling in love over and over again. It’s pretty amazing!

You must take time to renew, refresh and rekindle you marriage. You know, it’s a lot of work, daily. But at the end of the day it is also very comforting to have someone there in your corner.

Even as we get older we can still fall in love again. My husband and I will do simple things at times. It’s not all about finding that perfect romantic destination in the Caribbean or France, but it helps. Sometimes we make it very modest. Throw some things in a bag; grab the small grill and head to the lake. Nothing fancy, just some time away from the house. We’ll walk around gazing at the water, looking at the people with light conversation and find ourselves holding hands as we walk. I love it! It’s real; it’s easy and very relaxing.

So I ask again, Still in Love? I hope so…even though it may look like your spouse is on the bottom of the list, they’re really right there at the forefront.


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