Packing Tips

Packing Tips

    1. Choose luggage that is lightweight, roomy, and easy to carry, yet durable enough to withstand rough treatment. Be sure that each piece has a secure lock.

    2. A suitcase with wheels or a baggage trolley is essential. Trips through the airport, bus terminal, or train station are much easier with bags that can be rolled; but be aware that wheels that don’t retract can often be damaged or broken off during baggage handling.  Check your airline for the appropriate size of luggage.

    3. Choosing a basic wardrobe will make touring easy and comfortable.  Mix and match.

    4. Make a list of things you plan to take with you on your trip. This list will also prove helpful if your luggage is lost or stolen.

    5. Think of your intended activities and the duration of your stay. This will help you to narrow down your wardrobe and pack accordingly.

    6. Check the weather for the area to which you will be traveling. Pack clothes suited to the weather conditions at your destination.

    7. Take travel-size toiletries instead of full bottles. Check the link for  the carry on allotted size. This will help to save space, reduce weight and avoid your items being thrown away by TSA.

    8. Remember to pack all liquids in plastic bottles with room to expand to avoid leakage. For added protection, place them in heavy plastic leakproof bags

    9. Take along an electrical adapter kit for your hair dryer, shaver or travel iron if you are traveling abroad. The electrical output in most European countries is 220 volts, while in the United States it is 110 volts; your electrical adapter kit will not only convert the electric current, but also accommodate foreign plug designs.

    10. Always include a collapsible bag that will fit easily into your luggage. This will help to accommodate any new buys or dirty laundry you might have

    11. Shoes should be packed in an old pair of socks to protect other clothes from being soiled. You may also want to stuff your shoes with socks or other small items; that way they won’t be crushed in your suitcase, and you will save space.

    12. Suits, dresses, shirts, and blouses should be packed in plastic bags to limit wrinkling. Roll pajamas, nightgowns, sweaters and other casual wear to fill small spaces.

    13. Always carry your travel documents, medication, jewelry, traveler’s checks, keys, and other valuables in your hand luggage. Items such as these should NEVER be packed in luggage that you intend to check. 

    14. Be sure to bring along ample supplies of any medications you use, especially prescription medications. If necessary, explain to your doctor that you are going out of town to get a prescription for an extra supply. Always bring a copy of your prescription with you and keep it with your valuables, especially when traveling abroad; this will answer any questions any customs agents may have, and help ensure that you can acquire more of the medication if needed.

    15. Never take items of great monetary or sentimental value with you on a trip. Instead, pack with the notion that everything you are bringing will be left behind, and don’t bring anything irreplaceable.

    16. If you plan to fly with skis, golf clubs, or other special or oddly shaped luggage, check with the airline first to see whether special containers for these items are available. Many airlines provide this service free of charge.

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