New Year Resolution’s

New Year Resolution’s

2016-2What’s your  New Years resolution?  Did you commit to getting in shape, going to church more often, taking more time with the children or doing better by your parents because they are getting older?  What about , “I’m going to focus on a better marriage this New Year.”  Is that a resolution you could incorporate for the New Year?

We look for things and ideas to bring in the New Year; what about being intentional to have a better marriage. What’s good can always be better.  The New Year brings us opportunity to focus on the true things and press to get it right.  Maybe it’s time to date again.  Or set time aside to have conversation of the past.  Those things that brought you together and made you laugh.  Talking about the little moments that made your heart skip a beat because it was just that corny.  

It doesn’t make any difference of the specifics in making it fresh and new again.  It’s what the two of you choose to set in place.  Your spiritual guidance should be first, then your marriage and the rest will fall in place.

Have a Happy New Marriage this year!

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