Marriage Talk: Compromise



Marriage Talk: The Art of Compromise

by Anh Vu

by Anh Vu


Compromise – well that’s a word for the category of “skilled.”  It takes growth in a relationship for one to stop and step back to even hear their spouse.  It comes right along with the realm of respect.

Compromising is a lot easier than what we think.  To be fully engaged in the conversation and to listen to what is being said is key.  Of course, each one of us has the better point to be made and the better way of handling it.  But sometimes it’s just a matter of respect to let it go.

The art of compromising is working as partners, a team.  Knowing that whatever decision is made it’s coming from a point of oneness.  We know that there are many ways to accomplish something.  But we look for the middle ground that is going to be satisfying at that time.

Even when we compromise and the outcome is not what was expected, we don’t blame one another.  We simply start the conversation again to come to another place that can be dealt with.  It’s not one saying, “Well I gave in the last time and remember what happened?”  That’s thinking that marriage is 50/50.  No such thing.  If both do not give 100%, then the respect is not there and the ability to compromise will not be there either.

Compromising keeps the conversation going, maybe even the laughter.  Our differences can bring growth in the marriage.   We learn to appreciate the diversity in ways to compromise.


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