Marriage-A Beautiful Entity (cont’)

Marriage – The Short Answer

It seems we always want quick answers to solve the issues.  We want to confide in our family and friends.  Mainly our friends about what is going on in our personal relationship with our spouse.  We tend to think someone else’s marriage is better than ours.  Especially the ones we think has it all together, only able to see the outside and not in.

But the truth is no one can really tell you how to live your marriage or how to overcome the obstacle, verbatim, or even how to get through it, in a natural manner.  The saying “until you’ve walked in my shoes, you can’t tell me…”  No one can ever walk in your shoes.  Our emotions dictate different things at different times.  The scripture, “The race is not given to the swift (Ecc 9:11); but to the one that endures” Matt 24:13, pulls us back and slows us down.  Reminding us not to be hasty in our decisions.  We must apply the word of God for all things.  We must work on our marriage, continuously.

The quick answer can lead to the short answer. Don’t be so quick to give up and let go.  It really is a prize to be won in our marriage when we obtain peace, joy, love, and security.  We all want it.  Our God really is everything we need…turn to Him.  He’ll answer when you call




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