Just Dessert

There have been so many times of trying to think of things to do with my husband besides sitting in front of the TV watching a movie.  And before we realize it, it’s the same movie, again.  That is if there isn’t a game on.  At one point, it was the kids getting in the way; either running them here or there or just being tired from running them there or here.  Of course, that’s not the case for us anymore.  You would think being empty nesters, that it would allow for  more quality time together, but…the games are still on.  Then the time with him would get put off until a special occasion.

So I got to thinking, special occasion.  How could I work things around to get a little more meaningful time?  After all, I’m the special occasion.  So I  came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t need to take a lot of time, just some valued time.

Cake with Strawberrys

How about a little dessert?  That’s right, dessert.  Maybe once a week or two go out and have dessert together.  Just me and him.  That doesn’t take a lot of time.  I may need to look ahead to see when there’s not a game on, but it’s worth it.  It is worth it to be purposeful in keeping a happy relationship.

Keep it simple, I say.  There may be some fun to come out of it!

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