Going the Extra Mile

A Smile takesyou the Extra MileWhat is it to go the extra mile in your marriage? Doing more than your spouse? Making the chores last longer for it to seam you put more into it? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact I don’t think paying attention to who is doing what and when and how much

Couple Laughing really makes that much of a difference. You see marriage is not a 50/50 relationship. It is husband and wife giving their 100% at all times. Because we are all made differently and come from a different place, how do we decide if one is giving their 100%. To know your mate and allow each other to continue to grow while giving their 100% at that time is all we can ask for. We let those little things that we feel should be done right now dictate how the day or night will end. Marriage is a partnership and both partners bring so much to the table. Don’t feel as if you are the only one giving all the time and you miss what your spouse is giving. We start out wanting to make each other happy and start knit-picking as the time goes on. Allow your spouse to give their all.  Enjoy one another and have a good happy marriage. That’s going the extra mile.

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