Flexibility is Growth

Flexibility is Growth


When it comes to your spouse, are you flexible? Attempting to go with the flow can turn you this way and that way. Do you choose attitude or joy?

Let’s say your spouse purchased tickets for an event, of course, for the two of you. You mark it on your calendar, not necessarily wanting to go, but hey, you are flexible. It, also, is an opportunity to do a little something in the realm of bonding. You set it up in your mind the date, time and what you are going to wear. Then you find out your spouse gave you the wrong date. It’s not Friday but it’s Saturday. Okay, you usually have a full day of things you normally do on Saturday, including a business meeting. You, also, planned to squeeze in the Open House for the graduate at church. Wanting to be supportive and you gave the indication to the graduate, the parents and grandparents that you would be there.

Now the event you were expecting it to be in the evening so no problem; so you thought. The event is smack dead in the middle of the day, 3:00pm. The business meeting is at 2p and the Open House is from 1p – 4p.

Did I mention the tickets now are lost? Yes, the tickets have been misplaced and now everything is really in limbo.

So here is the real question, do you go to the event at 3p and hope to get in by saying, “We bought tickets, but lost them”.  Do you say to your spouse, “forget it, I’m not going, you are keeping me in limbo and messing up my day”! Sure there’s time to run by the Open House, drop the gift off and say hello. How flexible should you be?

So you know, this is my dilemma. I’ve chosen to be very flexible. My meeting will have to be off the table. I’ll sit and wait to find out if we are going to the event. I’m going to look at it as a great attempt to do a little something together and chalk it up as, Oh Well.

After taking time to think about it all, I realized, things happen. We are only human. Maybe we can take that time and go somewhere and sit and have a little dessert. I don’t want him to feel any worse than he already does. Besides, for me to get all upset and bent out of shape only affects how I chose to make myself feel. And I choose not to let anyone still my joy.  How would you handle this type of situation?


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