BIG PEOPLE No little people

BIG PEOPLE No little people

Adult’s Only properties have become part of the norm these days. Sometimes we want a little more quietness for that special get-a-way destination.  That’s where Adults Only/Couples Only Resorts, Hotels or River Cruises may come to be a little more convenient. Whether it’s an all-inclusive or an al a cart property, it provides the silence of splashing waters and screaming children. Not that that’s a bad thing, just not what you may be looking for when you think of some place quiet and relaxing.


I call these “Big People” accommodations. You leave the little ones with the nanny and enjoy one another without the need to stop and entertain them.   With the idea of being around adults only where we can appreciate the romance and intimacy of a special get-a-way is priceless. Even as empty nesters, we like the idea of vacationing with our peers.


There is an understanding in marriages that is relative and should be nourished. It’s those unspoken words to renew, refresh and rekindle what we have as one. One of the many things to a good marriage is the continued focus on each other; it helps with peacefulness and contentment within. It’s funny how a little bit of quality time can go a long way. That’s when we know it’s going to be all right.

So take a little time out and enjoy the Adult’s Only properties, that are special, just for you! You deserve it!!



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