A Spark In Your Eye

A Spark In Your Eye


Have you ever said something 

or done something that’s so personal
you dare not share it with anyone else
but your spouse?

The two of you laugh and joke about it and there is a spark in the eye that you just love to see from your spouse.  It makes it all worthwhile.  You can still bring that intimacy to the relationship that  you

thought was lost.  

 It’s so special to see a gleam in my
husband’s eye of surprise.  It’s that personal
thing between just the two of us that no
one else could possibly understand.

 Sometimes we need to put ourselves in a different space to really let go.  You should be comfortable in every way of
your God given marriage.  

Go ahead and cross that bridge.  

Get out to see the beauty given of this fabulous world and light a spark.
You’ll want to do it again!

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