Too much Corporate Time?

As I was sailing the Seine River a few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to meet quite a few couples and individuals.  Because of the minimal amount of passengers, 108, some bonding took place.  Getting to know whom you’re having dinner with can be kind of interesting.

couple_04I met a lovely young lady, (I’ll call her Jo), and her Aunt from Canada.  During dinner we found ourselves in the same industry, so that broke the ice for more conversation.   Sharing my special niche, providing much needed luxury romance travel interludes with married couples renewing, recapturing and rejoining themselves as one, was an interesting topic for Jo.  So much to the point that she stated, “my marriage isn’t going well.”  Jo has been married for many years and they have two adult children.

Jo went on to tell me her job takes her away from home a lot.  The seven-night river cruise we were on was a pre-trip for the next trip.  You see Jo would be stopping by the house for about four days and then off to the next business trip.

Are you putting in too much corporate time?  There must be a balance in our marriages.  After all, at the end of the day or when the job trips are over, you go home and that is where you want peace and contentment.  Is the career so important that you forget about the one you love and made a lifetime commitment with?

After having a very hearting talk, Jo had a different outlook and expectation for her marriage and what is truly important.

Take time to date one another, laugh together; hold hands to keep the intimacy in your relationship, it’s special.

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