Celebration of Anniversary’s are an event of the past, the now, and on going.  It represents milestones for a life committment to another.  For many it may be a 10, 15, 30 or even a 50 year celebration.    It’s an expression of love that says, “Yes, I ‘m glad we’re still together.”Darryl & Cathy took time to celebrate an anniversary in Jamaica a couple of months ago.  Relaxing and enjoying the Caribbean at Secrets Wild Orchid Resort, Montego Bay.  Cathy shared, “We had an awesome time!”


As it is so recognized, by life circumstances, that life is too short.  Many are venturing out to make it more meaningful for themeselves.  Big gatherings are taking place with thier children and grandchildren.  Couples are seeing how other family members and friends can share in their special occasion by taking a group vacation where they can all stay at the same resort or villa.  They may even decide to do a vow renewal just to share the experience with everyone.
Times are precious.  With the many task that life has us wrapped up in, it’s important to step back and gather our thoughts and smell the flowers that embraced the passion in your marriage.  How it all began and where it is now.  Take time for your marriage, be purposeful with the little things so they’ll seem to be big.

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