titanium_wedding_rings_setThe Basic Ingredient

Heirs Together by Patricia Gundry

“We can look at marriage historically and culturally, practically and emotionally, but unless we examine it in the light of its basic element, as a relationship, we are bound to be confused and possibly diverted from finding direction we can use in our own marriages.  If we try to follow a historical pattern for marriage originated with other people in other times, we may find that pattern unsuitable to our own times.  We might have to squeeze ourselves out of shape to fit it.  Copying the marriages of other cultures or images of marriage invented is practical innovations or romantic idealizations can be most uncomfortable and unprofitable for us.  But if we focus on marriage as a relationship, we can then look for aids and information  that we can apply to our own marriage relationship and know that we can use them or discard them on a more realistic  grounds than if we were trying to copy some ideal pattern.”

What do you think?  How do you determine what the basic ingredients are for your marriage?


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