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Sometimes it’s hard to really tune in to what is being said.  Especially when we are so busy doing other things or so many other things all at once.  I must say, I’m guilty.  I hear the words, stop and then say, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”  It may take a couple of times to really focus and get full understanding of what’s being said.  Then I have to think, would I want that?  Of course, we all feel what we are saying is just as important as our spouse’s conversation. 

Taking time out for just the two of you can be the best thing yet.  Being able to focus on one another without the distractions of the household events.

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Total Forgiveness – 2

Choosing to keep no records of wrong. Love “keeps no record of wrongs” (I Corinthians 13:5). Why do we keep track of the times we are offended?  When we develop a lifestyle of total forgiveness, we learn to erase the wrong rather than file it away in our mental computer.  Total Forgiveness by RTKendall


He asks why?  Is it because when we are hurt we want to lash back?  Tick for tack; I want you to feel the way you made me feel?  You will not get the last word.  I got this.  A back and forward dialogue until you are exhausted and don’t know any more to say to dig it in deeper.

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